Ravegan is a game development and outsourcing company from Córdoba, Argentina.
Our core team's members count with +10 years of experience, providing the entertainment industry from all around the globe with top-notch artworks from every different artistic discipline.

Nowadays, we're exclusively focused on game development; either independently or as a third-party studio.


We design and develop our own games in-house.
We have enough capacity to create mobile or web-based games and applications in due time and form.
However, we are open and interested in publishing or funding deals.


Our artistic and technical skillset covers every discipline related to the game development process: design, concept art, illustration, 3D modelling, texturing, rendering, rigging and animation, programming, sound and music.
We have proven our effectiveness and have earned great credibility by delivering a large numer of assets at the highest quality, right on time and within extremely tight deadlines. Some of the most important game companies worldwide have trusted in us, and we've always achieved very successful results.


Although we have sufficient capacity and resources to develop full projects by ourselves, it is always enjoyable and fruitful to share experiences and join forces with external qualified teams. This also allows us to participate in more projects per year!